Our Infrastructure Capabilities

The quality of any work depends on the sources and infrastructure available with providers.

Work Environment

BRB E Technologies corporate with 100+ veteran experts in different domains such as research, business analysis, project management, programming, database administration, creative designing, animation and quality control.

Over 63% Repeated Customers. 84% of our customers suggest us to others

Within a period of 10+ years, BRB E Tech. has evolved as one of the leading & top Web & Mobile App Developers. The exceptional assistance provided by 100+ dedicated Engineers, Managers & Leadership Squad has enabled us to engage visitors from India, US, Canada, UK, UAE, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia and other parts of the world.

Our Infrastructure

Infrastructure is the very pillar & support on which the entire Squad depends. BRB E Tech.. has acheived whatever till now is because of Trusting & Investing in Our BRB E Tech. Team. We are proud to boast about Our BRB E Tech., Environment, Culture Code with a professional working environment that facilitates increased productivity levels. BRB E Tech.. has been built strond BRB E Tech. by Constant Hard Core Filtering, Dedication, Hard Work & Polishing. BRB E Tech. comprises over 100+ professionals, with extension capabilities in order to meet the requirements of large scale projects that may require increased manpower. Additionally, our BRB E Tech. is segregated based on their area of expertise like Sales Representative, Business Managers, Project Consultants, Project Analysts, Marketers, Business Analysts, Project Coordinators, Team Leads, Android Developers, iOS Developers, Web Service Developers, System Analysts, Testing & Maintenance, HR, Accounts, Etc.

Research & Development Hubs

BRB E Tech has established a couple of high-end research and development centers backed by the latest industry standard infrastructure in the city of Ludhiana (Punjab State) spread over an area of 25,00 sq feet in total.


BRB E Tech gives the top priority to security of every project it works on. As CCTV ensures safety, other software track the progress of project allotted.
The employees working in the company have agreed and signed the confidential paper that states do not disclose the technology
or any such crucial information’ outside the developmental hub premises.

  • Client Satisfaction

  • Result Oriented Approach

  • Speed and Efficiency

  • Excellent Quality

Customer Support

BRB E Tech primarily focuses on providing client support through its flawless connectivity to have better end-product
that is foolproof and fully customized according to client’s need.

  • Client Support 24/7

  • High Speed Internet 99.99%

  • Video Conferencing

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